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Lancaster's team of Collaborative Family Lawyers can provide a non-confrontational approach to dealing with family disputes through a series of face-to-face discussions between partners alongside their respective family solicitors. The collaborative law process has been designed to resolve disputes that arise from a family break up in a more dignified way, for the benefit of all involved, especially children.

Couples going through the pain of divorce in Lancaster may have a more friendly and less formal option if they opt to follow a collaborative divorce. Not all family disputes can be resolved following the collaborative process, but those that can will benefit from the support of specially trained family lawyers and flexible timetables agreed by each partner, not by a court.

The Lancaster-based family lawyers within the North Lancs/South Lakes POD include family solicitors from Oglethorpe Sturton & Gillibrand, Baines Bagguley Penhale and Harrison Drury.. Our Lancaster family lawyers are supported by colleagues in Morecambe and Kendal.

If you seek a non-confrontational, dignified and "human" way to resolve your case, then collaborative law is likely to be the answer.

Lancaster Collaborative Family Lawyers

Collaborative Law in Lancaster isn't necessarily focused on divorce. Although this is often why family solicitors are approached, collaboratively-trained solicitors can also advise on pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreements and issues relating to children either to help couples resolve their differences or protect each others interests.

I'd like to instruct a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Lancaster

The breakdown of any relationship is always a stressful and anxious time, but by approaching a collaborative family lawyer, issues surrounding financial separation and children can be dealt with amicably without confrontation.

If your case is suitable for the collaborative process, you and your partner will be expected to accept a participation agreement which will lay down some ground rules that are essential to achieving your desired outcome.

Following individual discussions with your family solicitor, you and your respective solicitors will embark on a series of four-way meetings, during which objectives for the process, and agenda for subsequent meetings will be agreed. Ultimately, the meetings will allow you to reach agreement on how finances will be shared, and care arrangements for children.

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Collaborative Law is a process that originated in the United States, but has been brought to the United Kingdom by Resolution, the national association of family lawyers…

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