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Just like the mountains of Cumbria and the Lake District, a family relationship has its ups and downs. Specialist family law solicitors in Cumbria from Temple Heelis, Harrison Drury and Thomson Hayton Winkley provide a new approach to family law called Collaborative Family Law.

Collaborative Family Law is a process that sets joint objectives with each partner having their own collaborative solicitor. The end objective may not be divorce or separation (although it can be a less stressful route to divorce avoiding the courts), but a way in which couples can discuss their differences and the legal impact of these in an open and non-confrontational manner.

If you seek a non-confrontational, dignified and "human" way to resolve your case, then collaborative law is likely to be the answer.

Collaborative Family Lawyers Covering the South Lakes and Furness Peninsula

Our team of specially trained collaborative family solicitors in the Lancs/Lakes 'POD' work with couples across a wide area of south Cumbria including Kendal, Ambleside, Windermere, Ulverston and Barrow.

We know that divorce and the breakdown of a relationship is a stressful time, but through the collaborative approach, each partner can discuss their individual objectives and these can in turn be discussed in a series of four-way meetings between each partner and their solicitors. If required, family counsellors and financial experts can also attend these meetings providing additional emotional and professional support.

A Family First Legal Approach

The breakdown of a relationship can have wide-ranging impacts on extended family relationships, and in particular where there are children concerned. Not all cases will be suitable for the collaborative approach, but your Cumbria family solicitor will offer guidance and advice on the approach most suitable for your circumstances.

Collaborative law will follow a timetable agreed by each family, rather than being determined by a court. In addition, the open nature of the discussions during the process dictate that:

  • Neither party should, where possible, go over past events
  • The welfare of any children must be the priority in any discussions
  • All legal advice should, where possible, be shared openly
  • There should be complete transparency in dealings, both in respect of financial matters and any children
  • All discussions to settle the case are "privileged" meaning they cannot be brought up later in a subsequent court case
  • Both parties and the lawyers sign the agreement

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Welcome Angela and Andrew...

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