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Are you suffering from the breakdown of a relationship? Are there financial issues or arrangements for children to be made? Do you live in Barrow or on the Furness peninsula? If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', collaborative divorce may be an option worth considering.

The objective of the collaborative legal process is to ensure non-confrontational, face-to-face discussions with a view to achieve an agreed outcome that will suit both parties. That outcome might not always be divorce; pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements, agreed children's arrangements or even a reconciliation, are equally valid objectives for collaborative law.

If you seek a non-confrontational, dignified and "human" way to resolve your case, then collaborative law is likely to be the answer.

What's Different About Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is an alternative approach to divorce, and actually once the process has started, should allow each person in the relationship to resolve his or her differences without the need for conflict. There is no involvement with a court, but instead collaborative law is based around a series of open and amicable four-way meetings between the couple and their respective family solicitors.

If the case is suitable for the collaborative process, each couple must agree to follow certain ground rules that are fundamental to the couple achieving their desired outcomes. There is no set timetable, although it is important to agree the objectives and agenda for each session along the way. You will meet with your family law solicitor and discuss your objectives for the process and the options that are available to you.

The overall objective of collaborative law is to minimise the distress seen in divorce cases handled through a court of law. Meetings can also include family counsellors, consultants or financial experts depending on the exact circumstances of the case, with the success of a case based on reaching an agreement that everyone is confortable with.

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Welcome Angela and Andrew...

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About Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a process that originated in the United States, but has been brought to the United Kingdom by Resolution, the national association of family lawyers…

What Can I Expect?

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If you are a local solicitor interested in finding out more about Collaborative Law do please call any of our POD members, who would be delighted to talk to you about all aspects of the process…