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Despite North Lancashire and Yorkshire Dales having wonderful, tranquil scenery, as family lawyers we know that the breakdown of a relationship or the prospect of divorce brings stress and anxiety to everyone concerned.

A relationship breakdown however needn't always result in divorce, separation or acrimony if your differences can be resolved in a supportive, amicable environment. That is the objective of collaborative family law. While a divorce or separation may turn out to be the outcome, the collaborative process is client-focused, with the result being one that both parties have reached through honest and supportive, round-table discussion.

If you seek a non-confrontational, dignified and "human" way to resolve your case, then collaborative law is likely to be the answer.

Collaborative Law in Lancaster and North Lancashire

Our collaborative family lawyers are spread across The South Lakes, Furness Peninsula and Lancaster area.

Our family solicitors work with couples in the Lancashire towns of Kirkby Lonsdale, Ingleton, Bentham, Morecambe and Lancaster to achieve a result that both parties can agree to, even if this later requires certain documents to be sent to a court for approval. This might not simply be a divorce, but could also include pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreements.

Divorce Lawyers in the Lune Valley - From Lancaster to Kirkby Lonsdale

Collaborative law isn't always the answer for every relationship breakdown, and its suitability will be assessed by one our solicitors before the process is started. We've listed some common questions about collaborative law below.

I Want A Divorce. What Makes Collaborative Law Different?

Collaborative law is a non-confrontational approach to dealing with the issues in your relationship without the need to involve a court of law. This allows couples to reach an agreed objective in their own timeframe, with the interests of each other, and any children central to the end result.

If The Collaborative Approach Doesn't Work For Me, What's The Alternative?

From time to time, an impasse can be reached through the collaborative process and as a last resort, proceedings may have to be issued through a court. If this happens, you would need to find alternative legal representation as your collaborative lawyers would not be allowed to continue working on your case.

What If We Decide We Don't What To Divorce During The Process?

That's fine by us, and in fact that's what makes our work as collaborative family lawyers so rewarding. Remember, collaborative law is about reaching agreement between couples that both are happy with.

What's The First Step To Working Out Things With Collaborative Law?

Initially, you will meet with a family solicitor who will listen to your circumstances and find out exactly what you need advice on. There may be several ways of dealing with your case, not just through collaborative law, so these will be explained to you. If you express an interest in the collaborative approach, then your partner will also have to agree on following the collaborative process with their own specially trained collaborative lawyer. You will each meet privately with your chosen family solicitor to discuss your objectives for the process, and your respective solicitors will plan the first in a series of four-way meetings, during which all the relevant issues will be discussed.

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